Current Projects

Well, I have about 4 going right now. I am almost done with a pair of felted clog slippers for my husband for Christmas. Had him convinced they were just a pair of socks until about a week ago. I left the pattern out with the picture on it… ooops. I am also working on a Winter Wonderland stocking for one Mr. Noah Campbell. My first Fair Isle attempt. So far, so good.

And on the needles today… thanks to 10 hours of plane rides this weekend… a Bobbi Bear. Supposed to be for Miss. Sarah Gabel, but I have a baby shower this weekend and since he’s pretty fast to knit up, this one might be going to the future Baby Keyser. We’ll see!


Mr. Flurry

This is Mr. Flurry…. he can’t see yet and he only has a scarf thanks to Ms. Mandi Godwin who took pity on him one evening before dinner. He’s in progress and once I get him all gussied up, I’ll show you how cute he is!


Ok so it’s really hard to find time to take pics and post when you are running around substitute teaching all week. But if you find the right position, it also leaves you with LOTS of time to knit!

I’ve had a pretty busy month. I learned to knit socks…. I haven’t actually finished one that an actual person could wear, but in theory, I could do it! I am working on a regular sized pair, but I’m running out of time for Christmas present knitting so the sock knitting has been put on the back burner for now.

I have also almost completed a fun little project know as Mr. Flurry. Mine can’t see yet, but thanks to Mandi Godwin (a student of my husband), he now has a scarf. I’ll put up a finished pic if I ever get to it.

Another stocking…

Here it is. My second finished RED stocking! Sorry about the pic — I can’t figure out how to get it upright! So I’m now a stocking pro and sick of red yarn. Looks a lot like Matt’s stocking, but the texture and color in real life is completely different. I got the COOL striped yarn for Karin’s stocking, but am taking a short break to knit a Mr. Flurry (that’s a snowman).

I also signed up to take a sock class next week. WOO HOO! I can’t wait to learn to make these puppies. I’ve also started a knitting wish list/Christmas list for my ever patient, darling husband to use. He’ll probably need help, though. His eyes just kind of glaze over when I start talking about needles, yarn or what not. But he pretends to listen. We had a very rough year last year so he’s just happy that I’ve found something that I love to do and by golly, I actually am pretty good at!

I organized a weekend meeting of a local knitting club. We’ll be meeting on Friday evenings — can’t wait to talk knitting with others who love it! We also went to an arts and crafts fair this weekend. Very, very little knitting. I wonder if that’s because it takes so long to make anything, or if it doesn’t sell…. hmmm…..