Another stocking…

Here it is. My second finished RED stocking! Sorry about the pic — I can’t figure out how to get it upright! So I’m now a stocking pro and sick of red yarn. Looks a lot like Matt’s stocking, but the texture and color in real life is completely different. I got the COOL striped yarn for Karin’s stocking, but am taking a short break to knit a Mr. Flurry (that’s a snowman).

I also signed up to take a sock class next week. WOO HOO! I can’t wait to learn to make these puppies. I’ve also started a knitting wish list/Christmas list for my ever patient, darling husband to use. He’ll probably need help, though. His eyes just kind of glaze over when I start talking about needles, yarn or what not. But he pretends to listen. We had a very rough year last year so he’s just happy that I’ve found something that I love to do and by golly, I actually am pretty good at!

I organized a weekend meeting of a local knitting club. We’ll be meeting on Friday evenings — can’t wait to talk knitting with others who love it! We also went to an arts and crafts fair this weekend. Very, very little knitting. I wonder if that’s because it takes so long to make anything, or if it doesn’t sell…. hmmm…..


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