Bobbi Bear

And here is the teddy bear from below. I’m still trying to get the nose and eyes spaced out right!


Corkscrew Hat

My project on the trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving/Wedding. I also finished a smaller pink one that still needs the corkscrews! Fun, easy to make and oh so cute!

Noah’s Stocking

Here it is! The most advanced project yet — Noah’s Stocking. Actually it’s called “Winter Wonderland”, but since it’s for Noah Campbell I refer to it as such.

I’m not sure how I feel about the colors (neither do Noah’s parents) , but we had to start somewhere! They’ve actually grown on me… but that tends to happen when spend a month continuously knitting something. And let me tell you it’s WAY more interesting than the plain old red ones I’ve done. All it needs now is Noah’s name in the blank royal blue part up by the snowman dangles and it’s all set to go to its new home in Kansas.

I’ve decided that I love Fair Isle (seen here in the snowflakes)! It was so much fun to do! And I think the next little Campbell will probably get less blue in his/hers. I’m just glad that it actually turned out OK and that it was done prior to December 24th!

I also finished the Teddy Bear, but gave it away to Baby Keyser without taking a picture. Ooops. Mommy Keyser promises to let me take a picture of it, though. Someday I’ll get around to it. Now I just need to finish the slippers for my hubby, knit up another bear for the littlest Gabel, and I want to make a few hand-knitted mini-sweaters for the Christmas tree. Good thing I’ve got 10 hours of flying over Thanksgiving! Sleep?? Who needs sleep??