Just a little random fun….

You Belong in Dublin

Friendly and down to earth, you want to enjoy Europe without snobbery or pretensions.
You’re the perfect person to go wild on a pub crawl… or enjoy a quiet bike ride through the old part of town.

Sheep and Sushi

All right the first sheep of the nativity KAL is (almost) completed. As usual, I just need some guidance on the assembly. His poor little face is a bit rough so I decided to wait and get help with the legs, ears, and tail.
I also ordered the Knit Sticks Sushi Wallet kit (from http://www.crazyyarnlady.com). She has them on sale until they are gone and the best price on the net! I just cast that on last night and only got 3 rows completed.

And my Christmas present from DH. The pink iPod. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this thing!! I hate spending large sums of money, but this was worth every cent.
Felix would NOT get off the table and leave me alone when I was having my little photo shoot. And then he took a liking to the sheep and decided to cuddle with it. So I gave up and here he is with all of the items (I finally whipped the iPod out to the other table and managed to get a shot before he realized what had happened).

A New Year and New Knitting

I am starting 2007 off with a BANG!! One completed project and two on the needles. I had some willing (and unwilling) models for the pictures. Actually it all started with Felix who decided (after kneading it first) that he’d like to snuggle up to the sheep I’m knitting. I have joinded a knit along for a nativity. We knit one figure a month and by December we’ll have a completed, knitted nativity. The sheep is the first figure. I actually have to make 3 of them. They are much bigger than I’d thought. The people figures (Mary, Joseph, Wisemen, etc) stand 10″ tall! You can’t actually see the sheep (it’s white) but no matter because you can’t tell it’s a sheep right now anyway!

Then there is my future knitter. I set down the mitten I am knitting for my sister… and being almost 6 months old, the yarn went straight in to the mouth. But that’s OK her aunt won’t mind!

And finally… I asked DH to model the scarf (just to add to the fun pics) and this was all he would agree to. The faceless man I married (and Yes, that is a Jet’s jersey and yes they lost).

Just for fun… we watched our Wolverines lose last weekend. We are still in mourning. But boy were we CUTE!

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2007!! We returned from Michigan yesterday — after a very eventful holiday! A 5 month old with an ear infection and 6 adults and 1 kid with the stomach flu led to a Christmas never to be forgotten. But I had fun and it was great to have all of us in one place for an entire week (but we missed you, Matt!).

Miss Sarah had a good time. She went roller skating, swimming, arcading and movie-ing. It’s hard to get bored in a house full of adults when you are the only kid (and there’s only one baby to compete with).

I only got 2 knitted gifts completed. And I forgot to take a picture of the very colorful ruffled scarf I made for my sister. My vow this year is to begin today knitting for next Christmas! After I finish a scarf and mittens as a birthday gift for the OTHER sister!

The picture is of the two different Winter Wonderland stockings for the Campbells hanging on their mantle in KC. I’ll be doing another one of those as well as Baby #2 decided to be a boy (Benjamin born Dec 14) and his dad would prefer he didn’t have pink in his stocking! The goal is to use the stash to create a more “manly” look. I got too busy and didn’t do the dangles…. I think maybe Noah will be the only Campbell with those.

I’m joining a nativity knit-along for the year. 1 piece per month will get me a knitted Nativity next December to add to my growing collection (I currently own 11 nativity scenes/sets).

Pictures of the scarf and mittens to come….