A New Year and New Knitting

I am starting 2007 off with a BANG!! One completed project and two on the needles. I had some willing (and unwilling) models for the pictures. Actually it all started with Felix who decided (after kneading it first) that he’d like to snuggle up to the sheep I’m knitting. I have joinded a knit along for a nativity. We knit one figure a month and by December we’ll have a completed, knitted nativity. The sheep is the first figure. I actually have to make 3 of them. They are much bigger than I’d thought. The people figures (Mary, Joseph, Wisemen, etc) stand 10″ tall! You can’t actually see the sheep (it’s white) but no matter because you can’t tell it’s a sheep right now anyway!

Then there is my future knitter. I set down the mitten I am knitting for my sister… and being almost 6 months old, the yarn went straight in to the mouth. But that’s OK her aunt won’t mind!

And finally… I asked DH to model the scarf (just to add to the fun pics) and this was all he would agree to. The faceless man I married (and Yes, that is a Jet’s jersey and yes they lost).

Just for fun… we watched our Wolverines lose last weekend. We are still in mourning. But boy were we CUTE!


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