Sheep and Sushi

All right the first sheep of the nativity KAL is (almost) completed. As usual, I just need some guidance on the assembly. His poor little face is a bit rough so I decided to wait and get help with the legs, ears, and tail.
I also ordered the Knit Sticks Sushi Wallet kit (from She has them on sale until they are gone and the best price on the net! I just cast that on last night and only got 3 rows completed.

And my Christmas present from DH. The pink iPod. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this thing!! I hate spending large sums of money, but this was worth every cent.
Felix would NOT get off the table and leave me alone when I was having my little photo shoot. And then he took a liking to the sheep and decided to cuddle with it. So I gave up and here he is with all of the items (I finally whipped the iPod out to the other table and managed to get a shot before he realized what had happened).

One thought on “Sheep and Sushi

  1. Cam – your sheep is almost as big as your cat. is your apartment going to be big enough for the full nativity? or were you thinking of displaying it at the church?? 🙂

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