In the queue(ueueue)

I’m a good speller. Really. I just can’t figure out “that” word in the title.

I felt the need to blog, but I don’t feel like sorting through the 500 pictures (really, we have 500) on the camera right now to go to the end to get to the recent knitting pictures. So I’ll dig something up to post with this. So for today — a list of items I plan to knit between know and Christmas:

1) Hedgehogs for Friend, Cousin1 and Cousin2 DD1 and DD2

2) Pants for DD

3) Log-Cabin blanket for… me!

4) Finish the clogs for DH


6) Christmas stocking for Middle Sis

7) Booga Bag

8) Finish the Sushi Wallet

What I need to buy: yarn for almost all of it (except the clogs and stocking)!!

I took the camera to Wal-Mart and the pictures are now on 2 CDs — I just want to make sure that they are actually on there before I delete the memories to free up room for new ones!

Off to find a picture to put up….


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