Hedgie v.2 (and a donkey)

The second hedgie is on the needles. The front knits up so fast! But then I let the poor little gal languish as I dread picking up the stitches to start the back (I am HORRIBLE at and DETEST picking up stitches, but it is a necessary evil in knitting). This one has to be done (and felted and dried) by March 24th in order to meet it’s owner — 1 year old Alison! I am in love with the color (even though DH has pointed out that REAL hedgehogs aren’t purple and multi-colored — no imagination, that one!), but then I love multi-colored and rainbowed anything!

Pulled out the SnB book last night to actually “learn” how to pick up stitches. Huh. Who knew it could be THAT easy! No more dreading for me!

Notice the hedgie’s photo shoot background… our (DH and I, not the hedgie and I) anniversary was on Tuesday. Pretty flowers and lots o’ cards!

Also on the needles… the donkey for the nativity. Let’s see… I’m supposed to have 3 sheep and Mary completed. HA! Now it wasn’t all my fault. Our group didn’t like the “flesh” colored yarn for Mary’s face and appendages so we needed some time to find a good color (ended up using cream and adding blush). And after the hedgehog I need to do a bunny for one sweet girl in Philly and then another hedgehog for a birthday at the end of April. Poor, poor, little donkey…

Do you like my donkey “model”?? Move over Vanna… Felix is in the wings!


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