The Bunny, the bunny, oh I ate the bunny!

That title is for all you Veggie Tales fans….

Here is the Fiber Trends bunny in Cascade 220 pre-felting. Thanks to March Madness, I was able to finish it quite quickly. Thanks to a teething baby, I have yet been able to felt it. But I hope to accomplish that today.

So now I’m debating what to cast on next. Cousin Dani will be 6 at the end of April so she will need a hedgehog, but all I have is blue yarn to cast on with. She may have to deal. I also am WAY behind on the nativity so I may finish Mary before anything else. I spent an entire HOUR in front of the TV with nothing to knit…debating what to pick up next.

It has finally cooled off in Vegas — low 70s instead of the high 80s. Much nicer for March! And only 1 week left until Spring Break! Woo Hoo! Next Tuesday is state proficiency testing so the boys both have the day off and DH is taking the day off and we head UP UP UP to the snow for the day (the boys are from Hawaii and have never seen it).


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