That’s me tonight and it has been happening way too often lately. Not sure if it is cabin fever (I’ve been home ALL WEEK with no outside adult interaction due to a sick baby) or this cold that makes lying down not pleasant. Usually when this happens I go out to the living room and knit. But at the moment there is a snoring male in every room of the house! So here I sit on DH’s laptop in complete darkness except the light of the computer screen…sniffling… wanting to be tired. HOPING that DD sleeps in tomorrow! Tomorrow night is “Girl’s Night” out — California Pizza Kitchen and Ethel’s Chocolate lounge at the Fashion Show Mall! YAY! Hopefully I won’t be too tired and cranky to want to NOT go. I organized it so I really need to be able to be there. Plus I obviously need to GET OUT!

I did manage to work on the donkey from the nativity tonight and I finished the body. We finally got rid of the old couch. So now I’m down to a reasonable amount of furniture. We’ve been living with 2 adults, 2 teenagers, 2 cats, 1 baby with 2 couches, a rocker/glider, and an overstuffed chair with an ottoman in a 900 square foot apartment. TOO MUCH!

I took a tiny bit of NyQuil… it’s going to kick at any minute, I just know it!


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