My LYS is actually a quilt shop with yarn on the side. I love going there. I’m not really a “regular” so to speak, but the people are still friendly (some LYS’s — not so much). They have a frequent shopper program that is totally reachable (you don’t have to purchase $1,000 to get $5 back!) and every single month you get a coupon for 20% off of your total yarn/book purchase! Plus all patterns are always 30% off. And the prices are reasonable. I love the teacher there and the yarn portion of the store is really taking off.

So I headed there yesterday with my monthly coupon to get some goodies for my SP10 pal and suddenly realized how boring this LYS really is. For me, for normal knitting they have what I need — Cascade 220; Debbie Bliss; Noro, etc. But if you want something nice or really pretty… or a cute little doo-dad… not so much. I was kind of disappointed because I really want to support my LYS, but I think the rest of the pacakges for SP10 will be purchased on-line so I can get her something beautiful. I may also venture out the to 2 other LYS’s in town….

Which leads me to another point… my city is currently 1.4 million people and growing daily. How is it that we have only 2 full-time, yarn only stores and 1 quilt store with a side of yarn?? We had 3 full-time stores, but one had to shut down. I read the Harlot’s page and am following the represent thingy. If there really are so many of us… how does a city this large only support 1-2 yarn shops? Hmmmm… one is kinda snooty and I think LYS owners need to be aware of that — you never know who the new person in the shop is! And coffee — why oh why don’t any of them sell or offer tea/coffee?? And somewhere to sit down and look at the pattern books? I’m thinking yarn shops need to be more like bookstores — beverages, comfy seating, and good light! 🙂

Happy Easter! I’m baking today instead of knitting. I found a shawl on Elann that I fell in love with. Sadly, I can’t come up with $30 to get the yarn… it’s a rainbow shawl in Adara (I think). I love color! 🙂 But I digress… happy easter and I’ll throw up a picture the bird’s nests; bunny cake; and basket cupcakes I’m baking today!


3 thoughts on “My LYS

  1. A side note about our LYS’s oh bother how do you pluralize something like that!?! NE way I just stoped by Gail Knits’s new local and they had seating and free coffee! The girls that worked there checked on me a few times but I only had 15 min to grab some cascade 220 and un to get my son from school. If you haven’t been to Gail’s in a while she has moved but they have directions online. Also until the end of this month (April) there is a 30% discount for your first visit to the new local on your entire purchase. Nice selection I think. 😉 But I was thinking of starting a yarn shop, but they don’t do so well. Maybe if I sold yarn out of a Starbucks, or Starbucks out of a yarn shop?

  2. I forgot about the 30% off this month. That’s enough to get me to go back! I had meant to go for the Kate Jacobs book signing, but got distracted. I haven’t been there in a long, long time (I’d say a good 2 years). Last time I was there I was a new knitter so I think now I might have a bit better idea of what I’m looking for. I found the sales people to be very friendly and helpful, but it was the big table of women knitting that I so wanted to joing that scared me off! I just need to come to a Knit Nite and meet some people closer to my age. I go to knit along at the “other” place and I’m the youngest by about 20-30 years (I’m serious). Most of them have grandkids the age of my kids! 🙂

  3. I forgot… I don’t get why yarn shops fold so often. There are so many knitters out there!Maybe advertising it as a coffee shop will get enough non-knitters in to make the yarn portion work. You have to imagine that the mark up on a Starbucks cup of anything is fairly significant!

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