Book Review: The Friday Night Knitting Club

Wow. I just finished the book and Wow. This book was everything that Ann Hood’s book was not. It is wonderfully written in a unique style.

The story focuses on Georgia Walker, owner of a yarn store in NYC, and her regular customers who make up a Friday Night knitting group. Kate Jacobs, the author, manages to weave together a story that realistically intertwines the lives the members of the club. Like the Hood book, there is tragedy, but it is realistic and it is combined with so many moments of pure joy in the lives of the characters. While Hood’s book centers around the knitting group and branches out awkwardly in to other areas of the character’s lives, Jacob’s book is fluid and moves from one scene to another, but always comes back to the yarn store. Knitting is a part of life and it means different things to different people, but it isn’t the circle from which all things eminate.

This is a great story with a few surprises that I refuse to let on. My only regret is that I missed a book signing by Jacobs when she was in Vegas a few weeks ago. I’ve heard that Hollywood is planning to make this in to a movie and I hope so!

Go get it from the library or bookstore and enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Friday Night Knitting Club

  1. I’m currently reading Ann Hood’s book. I can relate to it since I’m going through a similar loss. It is spring here and everything is turning green. Already in the 70-80 degree range. Hope that isn’t an indication of what summer has in store for us. Hope to get your next SP 10 package out in the mail soon. Hope you are having a great week! SP buddy

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting her here in NYC and yes they are making it into a movie with Julia Roberts as Georgia – should be good 🙂

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