He’s catching on….

I have a fully knitted Hedgie waiting to be tossed in to the washing machine. I just made the switch to cloth diapers so I’m a bit tired of the daily interaction with said machine so the poor hedgie just sits…patiently waiting… (not to mention the young lass whose brithday was April 29th is still waiting).

When my husband walked in to the house yesterday, the hedgie was sitting forelornly on the table and my husband asked: “When your going to felt that?” I asked him to repeat it and then just grinned and giggled.

I don’t think in his wildest dreams he’d ever imagined he’d know what felting is….!

N.B. I asked for a pair of size 3 Addi Turbos for Mother’s Day. I didn’t get them (or any other knitting items despite numerous emails with blatant hints). Apparently there is a steep learning curve from knowing terminology to actual purchasing.


Thanks, Secret Pal!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I received the most beautiful package today from my SP10 pal. I got a book by Debbie Macomber (the one I have yet to read); a case for my circulars; a case for all those little things you always need with you as a knitter that matches the circular case; the COOLEST pair of knitting socks; size 1 DPNS; stitch holders; stitch markers; needle point covers; some lovely soap and a hank of Knit Picks Shadow in Grape Jelly that is just gorgeous! My favorite part is the pattern book: Soulful Knitting: Gifts for the Soul, from the Soul. I’ve been looking for a shawl pattern and there is one in there that instantly struck a chord with me!

Sorry for the bad picture — I can’t find my camera anywhere and I have about 10 minutes before I am invaded by my husband and 2 teenagers.

I get the impression that my SP10 pal is a MUCH more advanced knitter than I am and I’m really excited to finally “meet” her next month.

Now I don’t know whether to do the socks or try to make a shawl with the Shadow yarn and the DPNs…. hmmmm…..

Yes, I am still knitting!

Just not that much right now. Thankfully there are only 20 days or so left of school and then I’m hoping to have more downtime! But I am almost finished with another hedgie (it was due April 29) and then I’m going to cast on those wonderful socks from my SP10 Secret Pal. I’m feeling the need to knit with small needles. But the pattern is written for ladies Medium, which I am most definitely not. I went from Large pre-baby to XL post-baby. So I need to figure out how to make an 8, an 11! 🙂