Thanks, Secret Pal!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I received the most beautiful package today from my SP10 pal. I got a book by Debbie Macomber (the one I have yet to read); a case for my circulars; a case for all those little things you always need with you as a knitter that matches the circular case; the COOLEST pair of knitting socks; size 1 DPNS; stitch holders; stitch markers; needle point covers; some lovely soap and a hank of Knit Picks Shadow in Grape Jelly that is just gorgeous! My favorite part is the pattern book: Soulful Knitting: Gifts for the Soul, from the Soul. I’ve been looking for a shawl pattern and there is one in there that instantly struck a chord with me!

Sorry for the bad picture — I can’t find my camera anywhere and I have about 10 minutes before I am invaded by my husband and 2 teenagers.

I get the impression that my SP10 pal is a MUCH more advanced knitter than I am and I’m really excited to finally “meet” her next month.

Now I don’t know whether to do the socks or try to make a shawl with the Shadow yarn and the DPNs…. hmmmm…..


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