Two Kids, Three Stockings

That math is just not right. But that’s what you get when you knit a stocking for a kid that has yet to be born and you don’t know the gender and you still choose to use pink in the stocking. Yup. Baby Campbell 2 is Benjamin and he needs a stocking without the pink. After putting it off ALL YEAR — I’m fair isling my little heart away. Because I’m in a hurry — I making WAY too many mistakes. It drives me nuts! I’d really prefer to frog the whole thing, but then poor Benjamin wouldn’t have a stocking come Christmas and I just can’t do it to the kid. He won’t notice the mistakes and that’s all that matters, right? Right!

The top picture is Benjamin’s new stocking (I’m actually quite a bit further now). The middle picture shows Noah’s blue stocking on the left and the girly stocking on the right. The last one is the little girl stocking that is just waiting to belong to a little girl… someday, we hope!

One change this time — I’m blocking the stocking. I think I’ll be happier with the end result. And since my fair isle is such a mess, it’s the least I can do!


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