Irish Hiking Scarf

The other project is done! So I’m on to an Irish Hiking Scarf for Mitch. And I think my Ireland travel buddy needs one too. My first cable project — much easier than I anticipated. Looking forward to adding cables to hats and mittens!

This yarn is Lamb’s Pride worsted weight in Charcoal Heather. It’s an 85/15 blend of wool and mohair and it is sooo soft! Doesn’t show off the cables as much as I’d like, but it’ll be a dream to wear.

Just bought a book dedicated to all things knit from Harry Potter. I’m looking forward to letting Sarah pick out a few projects from it!



I’ve been searching for a mitten pattern I like and I think I found one. Gifted by Kate Gilbert. This is Lamb’s Pride Bulky, knit on 10.5 needles, size Child Small. Took me about an hour.

Potato Chip Scarf

I am not much of a scarf knitter. Mostly because knitting six feet of garter stitch seems like a slow death to me. Last year for Christmas, however, the call came in for a scarf for my younger, not youngest, sister. She had generously given away the one I made for her when I was learning to knit to a friend who fell in love with it.

When I made the potato chip scarf, I had a short amount of time and no super bulky in the stash so I used a Lion Brand super bulky yarn. She asked for colorful, the yarn was definitely that! I’m still not sure how I feel about the scarf. I needed longer circs, that was for sure! And the look on her face when she opened the gift… yeah.

After Christmas the younger but not youngest sister received a knitted hat or something from another friend and she told me “it looks like she bought it!” (meaning it was really good knitting). OUCH!

So this year I’ve regrouped. I’m using Noro Kureyon (and she has no idea what that means)in the multidirectional pattern. I had two 102s, but need 3. LYS doesn’t have so instead I opted to use three different colors. I hope it turns out! Pictures after the gift is given, I promise! Might even look like she bought it in a store!