Log Cabin Knitting

I’m working on my first log cabin blankie. I looked at a lot of projects on Ravelry for color ideas. One of my favorite ideas is to make each log cabin strip out of a different stitch pattern. The blankets turn out beautifully! So I got myself an inexpensive stitch pattern dictionary… and away I go! That gray stripe on the right is a stockinette with a “curl” every so often — I think I’ll avoid stockinette for the rest of the blanket. Of course the edges curl and the fabric is much bigger than the other patterns. We’ll see how it goes when I get all the edges worked in.

I didn’t want to invest $100 in yarn (even for a kid sized version!) and I wanted it to be washable for mom. After reading reviews on either Ravelry or Knitter’s Review (can’t remember which) I decided to try Lion Brand Wool Ease. Many knitters like it and it seems last longer without pilling badly. So far, it has knit up very nicely.


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