My First Sweater?

I have yet to knit a “real” sweater. I have only managed to accomplish the Mason-Dixie Baby Kimono. The new Knitty is out and oh my, I am in love with the Steggie! I’m thinking my little man may need one to grow in to! The best part is that at only 3 months, he has LOTS of time to grow so if it is too big, we can just use it later. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to make it too small so pretty much this is a no-fail option for my first sweater!


Grandma’s Dishcloth

This is not technically my first dishcloth, but it is the first one I like! It is also the FIRST THING I have made that I am keeping or myself!

Yarn is Lily Sugar N Cream Stripes and size 10 needles. I think it used about half the ball. I’ve already cast on another!

The pattern:
Cast on 4 stitches
K1 YO knit to end of row
Repeat until you have 40-50 stitches
K1 K2TOG YO K2TOG Knit to end of row
Until you have 4 stitches
Bind off.

Seriously it is THAT easy. It only took me a few hours!