Easy Lacy Girly Hat — I WON!

This hat is hands down the most gorgeous item I’ve ever knitted. I love it! In fact, I loved the pattern so much that I had to frog and start over 4 times before it finally stuck. This was my first lace pattern and I kept forgetting the yarn overs and thus dropped stitches all over the place. It really is an easy pattern, it just took me A LOT of concentration because it was easy to get lost.

This is knit in Pattons Wool on size 6 needles in the child size and it is WAY too long! I should have stopped around 6.5 inches (it is close to 8 as per the pattern).


Alice Wrist Warmers

I knitted these for a friend in exchange for some baby-sitting — the best swap EVER! The pattern is based on a character from Twilight according to the pattern here. Yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease.

Super easy, but the thumb hole directions are a tad confusing (just very poorly written).